LDPL Elite (Premier & Championship) Divisions "Off The Table" Rules


Match Rules 

The match rules (on the table rules) that we use should always be the latest version of “International Rules” (as published by Ultimate Pool and the English Pool Association). 

A3 Rules Poster: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TICTteGMpSBy2zYTEcyAiF_QCTrFNIsO/view?usp=drive_link 

EPA Resources: International Rules v2c (epa.org.uk) 

Ultimate Pool Resources: Rules - Ultimate Pool Group 

Our own version (including): Elite "Table" Rules

If you need guidance please contact : Toby (07901 001 763), Reece (07506 647 914), Steve (07898 160 710), Dan (07500 803 429) 


Match Format & Scorecard 

A match will be made up of 12 singles frames – this is 3 sets of 4.  Any 1 player may only play a maximum of once in each set of frames.   

3 points are awarded for a win, 1 each for a draw and 0 for a loss.  (in a KO cup situation it will be a race to 7 frames – if the match reaches 6-6 then the final frame can be contested by any legal player regardless of whether the appeared in 0, 1, 2 or 3 frames previously that evening). 

Matches should be started just after 8pm where possible.  Where a team arrives late (or not at all) frame 1 can be claimed at 8.20… and then 1 further frame claimed for every 5 minutes.  At 8.50 a 7-0 win can be claimed.  All no shows will result in a 7-0 final result.  Teams guilty of repeat no shows will be subject to further action. 

If you are the attending team and your opponents do not show – you should fill in player names in frames 1 to 7 - without any wins / losses.  These players will be awarded an attendance mark (towards cup eligibility) but no wins or losses will be registered from a statistics perspective. 

All teams selections must be entered into the Rackemapp scorecard – Frames 1 to 4 before frame 1 commences, frames 5 to 8 before frame 5 commences and frames 9 to 12 before frame 9 commences.  The system is set to force “blind” team entry - so your opponent does not see your team until they enter their own team – thus there is no requirement for the home team to enter the team first. 

Any player not ready to commence the frame when it is due to be played should be given a 2 minute warning.  If not ready to play after this then the frame will be awarded to the other player. 

New players should be added by the captain (on or before the evening) - before the frame is contested.  Anyone failing populate a player name will concede the frame and the committee will not retrospectively correct this.  If you have a technical issue on the evening please speak to Toby to log this – if not flagged at the time we will not be correcting this for you. 

Breaking order will be decided by the toss of a coin before frame 1 – with the winner of the toss choosing whether to break on odd frames or even. 

Refereeing duty should align with the break (if your team break then your team referee).  If a timer is introduced then this should ideally be handled by somebody from the opposite team to the referee. 

Frame results should be updated at the conclusion of each frame to keep the “live” score up to date in the system.  This requires one captain to enter the win/loss and the other captain to approve – this ensures that we have no disputes over results. 

Please can captains send a WhatsApp message to Toby (07901 001 763) when the 12th frame completes.  We want to monitor match finish time so we can review whether there is scope to include any additional frames in the future. 

We remind captains that a player is only eligible for any KO Competition if they have played in a minimum of 33% of the league fixtures at that time.  This threshold is very low – so no exceptions will be made for any circumstances or errors the captain has made on previous scorecards. 


No rearrangements to be played after the published match date. 

If both teams agree a match may be moved forward but never backwards. “Double headers” are not allowed. 
If a venue cannot hold a fixture on a certain day but the home team is available to play, the home team is responsible for finding an alternative venue to host the match. Failing this they will concede the match 7-0. 

If the team themselves cannot attend a fixture they will have to cancel (concede the match 7-0).