3 Man Competition (international rules) - now open for registrations

By James Mitchell
On Wednesday 24 January 2024 18:26

Good evening all,


Following a number of enquiries about international rules we will be running a 3 man competition at the end of the season once the cup competitions have concluded.


The following are rules /requirements for the competition:


1. International rules will be used


2. 3 players per team (they don't have to be from the same team - any 3 league players may team up).


3. Match format will be 9 singles (each of the 3 players in Team A will play each of the 3 players in Team B)


4. £10 entry fee per team.


5. All matches will be held across a number of our sponsor venues on Thursday evenings to ensure we have people on site to help with the rules. 


6. This competition is an opportunity for any players who are unfamiliar with international rules or who are on the fence, to try out the ruleset. It's also a chance to keep playing - for anybody who wants to continue playing pool between winter concluding and summer starting (as we have spare weeks)


7. The competition will start in Groups to ensure all teams get multiple matches. All matches will be played on Thursdays and start on March 21st. The grand final will conclude on April 25th in time for the summer league in May.


Entry can be made through the competitions tab on the website