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Leicester District Pool League was founded in 2010 by three people who had grown tired of the 2 existing leagues available in Leicestershire on a Thursday evening.


Neither of the existing leagues provided a laid back, fun night out with travel being considered as a factor.


The  concept was born…

A league which grouped it’s divisions regionally to minimise travel for the players involved.

A league who’s purpose was to bring equal custom to all venues who enter and had no venue ties.

A league that had no player restrictions regardless of age, ability or status.

A laid back league without pages and pages of rules… where teams don’t get penalised for genuine mistakes.

A league where players got on with one another and enjoyed a night out together.


And so came… “the pub league for pub players”.


Since 2010 we have gone from strength to strength, our simple mentality is proving popular!


And we have no plans to change the basic principles behind our league!