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As a league our main objective is to provide people who enjoy playing 8 ball English Pool with opportunities to play the sport.  In doing this we also hope to encourage people to go out and play in venues they would not otherwise have been to and to mix with people they would not otherwise have met.


Our aim is not to attract “the best” players to the league… rather attracting everyone and anyone who wishes to play regardless of age, ability, location or background.


We are committed to running 2 sets of rules within our league as different players prefer different match rules, but all are equally welcome:


World Rules - is a league ran on a Tuesday evening.  World Rules are a little more complicated than most people are used to and are the official rules adopted by the EPA and most world recognised pool associations.  These are the rules played at “county level” and the rules you will need to adopt if you enter any national EPA competitions.  For this reason these rules tend to attract players of a higher standard or players who are quite serious about playing the game. (rules available here)



LDPL Rules - are used in our Thursday Night League.  These rules are aimed at “pub players” and are similar / the same as used in most pubs and clubs around Leicester.  Rules like these are likely to be close to what you play down your local in the “winner stays on scenario”.  Our Thursday league is proving increasingly popular and is widely considered a good night out and the best league in the county… as well as the match itself being competitive, the teams in our Thursday league are all friendly and play the game in a sporting and fun manner.   In just 6 years the league has grown to over 40 teams… the other leagues took 20 years to reach that size… so we believe we are doing something right! (rules available here)